Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Long time no post.....

Well I've certainly had a long break from the land of blogging!
Life just seems to have taken over lately.... My poor little Nanna lost her battle a while ago & the girls and I have been on a well earned break to Tunisia, I had absolutely the best tme there & met some amazing people, lovely families who I truly hope to stay in touch with.

As for scrapping, I seem to be doing lots of stuff that I have to do for cj's & SBM etc & no time on my own scrapping - so I'm setting aside the weekend to play with the gorgeous stash I cought from Sarah's Cards lately as well as some of the monthly kits that have started piling up!

I had a little disaster on holiday in that my beloved camera was stolen... I then spent the next morning driving around Hammamet in a taxi trying to buy another one, I managed to do so, but it broke a day later!!!! So I'm currently cameraless!

Then i dropped my blackberyy into a cup of tea... not a wise move! Its irrepairable so I bought an iPhone4 - fantastic except its broken & I cant make calls on it.... aaargh! I now have to take that back to the Apple shop to get it replaced. Technology and I aren't the best of friends lately, clearly!

Owing to the current chaos, I have no layouts to share but watch this space after the weekend!

Claire xxx