Monday, 31 May 2010

A week in the life....

I've tried not to be a bad blogger but have had no internet connection at home for a week, turns out in my spell of being an independent woman last week & moving furniture around, I managed to unplug the wireless connection.. I did say a while ago that Claire + technology = disaster!

All fixed now so lots to catch up on. The girls met one of their heroes last week when Mr Maker opened the fete at Hempstead village. They look a little in awe!

Mum took the most gorgeous photos of the girls on a roundabout that are just crying out to be scrapped... watch this space!...

A long weekend this weekend and typical bank holiday weather, I borrowed a convertible car from a client to pose in which has been a total waste of time, I'm really not petite enought to climb into the back of a coupe to do up booster seats and the girls were frightened that the wind (in the five minutes I've had the roof down) was going to sweep them away.... stick to my car then....

I finally collected my May kit from Sarah's Cards up from the post office - it is possibly the best I've had yet, so lush! then gave the girls some money to spend in the pound shop around the corner. They chose some crafty bits and here is what they made. How funny are these?....

 And I have finally finished some Lo's Ive been working on for a while. I managed to finish two using the April kit from Sarah's cards and another using leftover bits from the kit class in the UKS cybercrop challenge;

 this one is of Tigs leafing through my albums once again!

and finally one ive been unhappy with & so loathe to finish but as the girls are five in a couple of weeks, thought it was about time!

 Speaking of which, I now have a birthday party to plan! I think I'm more excited than the girls are, what worries me is that they are in separate classes at school and we seem unable to narrow down the invites to less than 50!!!
How scary is that?!!!!
Hope everyone has had a fab bank holiday weekend xxx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bloggers Block!

Well, here I am again....
Those of you that know me know that I am having a pretty rough time of things lately. My world has just about fallen apart & I'm having to rebuild it bit by bit...

But life works in mysterious ways or so I am told & so I can only become a stronger person & most importantly a better mother because of it !

Enough of my woes, I seem to have lost my mojo a little & have only managed a couple of LO's in the last 3 weeks, the first is pic od Tigs when Mum, the girls & I were waiting fo rthe train to take us to London to watch Mama Mia. I used loads of gorgeous Prima here, pp's are from the Pastiche collection... it hurt to cut up so many pages!

The second is a little more personal , taken a little while ago, but sums up how I felt when I scrapped the
foto. I used the luscious kit from Sarah's Cards... just love this kit but unable to do it justice at the moment! For once I may have stacked pizza boxes as the next one is due very soon!

Another weekend bites the dust but my bloggers block is broken!!
Have a good week all xxxxx