Friday, 1 October 2010

Catch up!

Oh life is so hectic lately!

I can finally post some LO's that Ive done, as they were for SBM I havent been able to upload them till now!
The first was using a photo given to me by Linds & the LO was for the article "get the cover look", what a gorgeous little girl!

The papers were pink paislee from the June kit by Sarah's cards, I loved making the leaves on the lo using plain white paper, covered with distrss inks & crackle glaze! And of course it wouldn't be one of my LO's if it had no cosmic shimmerz, not that its an addiction or anything....

Next one was for the DT gallery on the theme of going back to school

I did this so long ago that I cant remember what products I used! I think the pp's were Jenni Bowlin ^ Sassafrass, AC jewellry box thickers; K&Co mini alphas, prima flowers & lava red cosmic shimmerz.

I did have a third LO to upload, but for some reason, it wont upload here, will have to give it another go over the weekend.

Thanks for popping by to have a look and have a fab weekend xxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Long time no post.....

Well I've certainly had a long break from the land of blogging!
Life just seems to have taken over lately.... My poor little Nanna lost her battle a while ago & the girls and I have been on a well earned break to Tunisia, I had absolutely the best tme there & met some amazing people, lovely families who I truly hope to stay in touch with.

As for scrapping, I seem to be doing lots of stuff that I have to do for cj's & SBM etc & no time on my own scrapping - so I'm setting aside the weekend to play with the gorgeous stash I cought from Sarah's Cards lately as well as some of the monthly kits that have started piling up!

I had a little disaster on holiday in that my beloved camera was stolen... I then spent the next morning driving around Hammamet in a taxi trying to buy another one, I managed to do so, but it broke a day later!!!! So I'm currently cameraless!

Then i dropped my blackberyy into a cup of tea... not a wise move! Its irrepairable so I bought an iPhone4 - fantastic except its broken & I cant make calls on it.... aaargh! I now have to take that back to the Apple shop to get it replaced. Technology and I aren't the best of friends lately, clearly!

Owing to the current chaos, I have no layouts to share but watch this space after the weekend!

Claire xxx

Friday, 30 July 2010

Another long gap!

I know its been ages again but life just gets in the way sometimes & it certainly is at the moment.

Anyway I have a couple of LO's to share both from SBM

Dreadful pic I know but I took it on my Blackberry - this was for the 4 ways kit challenge. It certainly was a challenge, having 2 little girls, I never scrap boys so to receive a kit full of planes, traines & automobile related stash made me cry "eek" !!! The pics are of my nephew Daniel quite a few years ago & I was actaully quite pleased with the result although it stretched my creativity comfort zone a little!

Another bad pic (again blame the blackberry or my inability to use the camera on it properly!) - this was for the DT gallery where the theme was to scrap Summer holiday LO's. This is Maddy on holiday in Fuerteventura at 11 months. Just love these Sassafras papers as there's so much to cut into!

Thats it from me today, life is frantic at the moment but only 9 sleeps to go till we go on holiday!!!

Finally to a special person, you are the bravest little lady I know, I love you with all my heart, hang in there & show those Docs what you're made of xxxxx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A very scrappy weekend!

Wow !! I have had so much time to scrap lately its been fabulous! The girls are growing up so quickly and play together nicely (most of the time!) and so sometimes I feel like a spare part. I deliberately tried to get most of my housework done during the week so I had spare time this weekend... lovely!

So finally I have some LO's to share; The first is using the gorgeous Roadshow papers again in Sarah's May kit, really love the girly feel of these papers! Ive added a Prima butterfly & some swirls cut on the craft robo which Ive coloured with sakura pens. The flowers were basic e-line flowers sprayed with glimmer mist & circles which I distressed & inked then added some raja centres.

A couple of close-ups ;

The second is from the same kit!

I really enjoyed this one as it came together so quickly, Ive added a little prima packaging & felt under the title, Ive also used cosmic shimmers on the background & on the blooms which came with the kit, plus a little added bling & some punched butterflies. A few close ups again:

So it seems I am finally getting some of my mojo back! I'm also working on a mini-book about our June including my "project independence", the girls first sports day, their birthday etc so watch this space!

One more thing, I gave in today & let the girls have their ears pierced, now I know some of you probably think that I'm crazy them being only 5, but it was a moment of weakness & I'd heard so many "but Mum, Chloe, Carmen, Ellie etc etc etc has" that I gave in! So here we are today with them showing off their earrings!

Thanks for looking everyone, & have a fantastic Sunday!

Claire xxx

Friday, 16 July 2010

Hooray its Friday!

It seems to have been such a long week... working 5 days instead of 4 and a half seems so much longer! But the weekend is finally (almost) here!

Now that the decorating etc is done, I seem to have much more time to scrap which is fab as I have quite a few commissions to get done. But this week I have been playing with some of the recent Sarah's Cards kits, just need to get them uploaded & I can show :)

Oh I went to see the fabulous Eclipse last week... wow its brilliant, I want to go again! Ive always been a huge Edward fan up till now but have to say Jacob is buff ! Yes I know I'm old enough to be his mother, but believe me there were plenty of women in the cinema my age or older who looked as flushed as I did whenever he came on screen! m looking forward to it being released on dvd so that I can watch it over again.

Soem cute pics now of the girls when I took them out for lunch last week:

Definitely ones for scrapping!

I shall upload some crafty ones over the weekend!

Have a fab weekend everyone xxx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

at last!

At last I have had some scrapping time after my efforts over the last month! I managed one whole layout last night!

This is one of my favourite photos of Maddy, although I cant take the credit for taking it, thanks Mum!
I used the lush May kit from Sarah's cards containing the absolutely beautiful Roadshow papers, I HAVE to get some more of these, just love them;

One thing I'm not happy is that the title looks like it says "my own beauty" !!! the "little" in tiny alphas doesn't really show!

And now a moment to show off what I've been working so hard on for the last month:

Here are a few shots of what I've achieved !

This is one of the "before" shots that I took not a great pic of the girls but check out the magnolia!!!

And here is my new hall:

And my new dining room:

and my lovely lounge! Just waiting for new settee to come tomorrow now!

I'm so proud that I did this!! Silly I know but really important to me ... now I have to clear the garden of carpets, rubbish & cut the grass that's fast becoming a jungle!!!

Finally a gorgeous pic of Tiggy (silly how I feel guilty if I only post a pic of one of my girls!)

This one is crying out to be scrapped..... watch this space!

Thanks for looking, have a great weekend everyone

Claire xxxx

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh the stress!!!!

I really cannot wait until this week is over.... project independence is almost complete "ish"....

the party almost didnt happen on |Saturday when the keyholder of the hall decided to go to Herne Bay for the day - with the key!

Fortunately one of the mums arriving with the children knew the caretaker of the Scout Hut so we shipped everyone (including the disco) there & started a bit later than planned. I was so glad when it was all over but the girls had a wonderful time, they also enjoyed opening the mountain of presents! 

This is a photo of the mountain once they'd opened them all, needless to say they then got another huge pile the next day from me!

For their actual birthday I treated them to an ice cream sundae :)

Little monkeys! Still no work to share, but will do very soon :) If I ever get time to scrap for me again!

Enjoy the sunshine! Claire xxx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Its been a while....

I have my reasons for not blogging for a while.... my life is chaos!!!!

I seem to get myself involved in rpojects that are just bigger than I anticipated them to be!

Currently in hand is "Project Independence" - this is basically me proving to myself that I can do things myself - er like decorate the entire house?!!!!

I have wooden flooring being laid at the end of next week and so I have to get the painting finished beforehand. 2 rooms done, 2 to go.....

On top of this I have several projects for SBM to get finished before a deadline

PLUS (!!!) its Madison & Tiegan's brothday on Sunday & so I have a party to prepare for. I was planning on a 50% invite acceptance rate.... BIG mistake! 8 children have declined out of almost 50, lots of party bags to make up tonight!

I havent any LO's to share as yet although I will do soon, watch this space!

Workd cup fever has struck in our house, the girls aren't totally understanding the concept though as they keep asking when Man Utd are playing...

Here they are dressed up in anticipation of the first game:

They then decided that the England dresses and deely boppers weren't enough and so Mummy's facepainting skills were called for:

Tiegan seems totally over her tonsil op now, she even ate toast for breakfast this week, which she's avoided for a fortnight, getting her back to school seemed to help her get over it quicker. She no longer has her husky little voice but has gone all squeaky! She got to bring home Mr Panda last week for being such a good girl in class!

Thats all for now, hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather!
Claire xxx

Monday, 31 May 2010

A week in the life....

I've tried not to be a bad blogger but have had no internet connection at home for a week, turns out in my spell of being an independent woman last week & moving furniture around, I managed to unplug the wireless connection.. I did say a while ago that Claire + technology = disaster!

All fixed now so lots to catch up on. The girls met one of their heroes last week when Mr Maker opened the fete at Hempstead village. They look a little in awe!

Mum took the most gorgeous photos of the girls on a roundabout that are just crying out to be scrapped... watch this space!...

A long weekend this weekend and typical bank holiday weather, I borrowed a convertible car from a client to pose in which has been a total waste of time, I'm really not petite enought to climb into the back of a coupe to do up booster seats and the girls were frightened that the wind (in the five minutes I've had the roof down) was going to sweep them away.... stick to my car then....

I finally collected my May kit from Sarah's Cards up from the post office - it is possibly the best I've had yet, so lush! then gave the girls some money to spend in the pound shop around the corner. They chose some crafty bits and here is what they made. How funny are these?....

 And I have finally finished some Lo's Ive been working on for a while. I managed to finish two using the April kit from Sarah's cards and another using leftover bits from the kit class in the UKS cybercrop challenge;

 this one is of Tigs leafing through my albums once again!

and finally one ive been unhappy with & so loathe to finish but as the girls are five in a couple of weeks, thought it was about time!

 Speaking of which, I now have a birthday party to plan! I think I'm more excited than the girls are, what worries me is that they are in separate classes at school and we seem unable to narrow down the invites to less than 50!!!
How scary is that?!!!!
Hope everyone has had a fab bank holiday weekend xxx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bloggers Block!

Well, here I am again....
Those of you that know me know that I am having a pretty rough time of things lately. My world has just about fallen apart & I'm having to rebuild it bit by bit...

But life works in mysterious ways or so I am told & so I can only become a stronger person & most importantly a better mother because of it !

Enough of my woes, I seem to have lost my mojo a little & have only managed a couple of LO's in the last 3 weeks, the first is pic od Tigs when Mum, the girls & I were waiting fo rthe train to take us to London to watch Mama Mia. I used loads of gorgeous Prima here, pp's are from the Pastiche collection... it hurt to cut up so many pages!

The second is a little more personal , taken a little while ago, but sums up how I felt when I scrapped the
foto. I used the luscious kit from Sarah's Cards... just love this kit but unable to do it justice at the moment! For once I may have stacked pizza boxes as the next one is due very soon!

Another weekend bites the dust but my bloggers block is broken!!
Have a good week all xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Too many things to do!

Why is it that despite the best will in the world, there is never enough time to get all the things done than you commit to?

I've been busy with projects for SBM & generally busy at home so have had NO time to get anything done for the UKS cyber crop this weekend. The pre-cro challenge needs to be submitted by Thursday and the Mystery kit challenge by friday - I havent done either yet! Thats without thinking about eh photos & supplies needed for the crop challenges - oh well I may not be scoring many points for my team this time!

Tigs has her appointment for her tonsillectomy next Thursday so things are a little anxious at home at the moment, she is a worrier at the best of times - this is obviously a very big thing for her.

We saw the paediatric nurse yesterday who explained all about the magic mask containing fairy dust & special butterfly that sticks onto her hand with a plaster.... poor little chicken :(

At least shee gets to eat lots of ice cream and of course I'll have to taste all of the flavours for her to make sure she will like them!

I am determined to get at least the MK challenge done tonight so watch this space....

Claire x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I am clearly a technophobe!

OK ao I thought I was fairly IT literate.... wrong!!!
I have recently purchased a new laptop & bought photoshop elements, thinking it would take my photography to dizzy new heights... I would finally be able to use all the frames & brushes that I have ... wrong! I just cannot get to grips with anythign other than basic editing... If I disappear for a few days; I have locked myself in a room to work this flaming thing out!!!

I have managed to uppload a couple of layouts I did with the lush March kit from Sarah's Cards;

Here's the first, its a layout about the girls learning to read & write, the journalling (in those cute little Jenni Bowlin letters) says "it seems only five minutes ago you were born, now you are learning to read & write" - I then got Tigs to write her name & age on the bottom

The second is about the girls living their life, being who they want to be & living it to the max!

Why is it that no matter how much you tidy & clean before you go on holiday, when you come home the house looks like a bomb (or twin 4 year olds) has hit it?

We have a busy week this week, Tigs has an appointment at the ENT consultant on Thursday about hving her tonsils removed :( she seems too tiny!

Then on Friday we are off to see Mama Mia - I can't wait - the girls have watched the film about 50 times & know all of the song lyrics so they should love the show - we plan to keep it a secret until we get there!

Well, that it for today... I WILL work out photoshop soon!
Claire x

Monday, 12 April 2010

Home Again

Oh well that week went sooooo quickly! We had a fabby time in Sharm, the weather was lush, hotel was lovely, I ate too much & drank too much & now definitely need to start a "healthy eating plan" Hmm I'm sure my jeans were looser on the outbound flight than on the way home ....

We took advantage of the hotel laundry service & stuffed a sack full with washing before we left - it all came back beautifully clean & ironed for £20, they must have shrunk those jeans though.....

I took some gorgeous photos of the girls and the scenery etc so loads of scrapping material, I've decided to make a mini-album of the holiday but am going to print off all of the decent photos to put in it even if they dont all get scrapped I will use them somehow so watch this space!

I have some layouts to upload this evening so will post again either later or tomorrow.

Oh and the bookmarks I received in the swap on UKS were stunning :)

Have a good week xxx

Monday, 29 March 2010

5 more days to go woop woop!!!!!

Yessssss! Only 5 more sleeps until we go on holiday! I think I'm more excited than the girls are...
I sooooo need a break.

The holiday reviews I've read sound great & the weather forecast for Sharm el Sheikh is fantastic for the next fortnight, so we're all set :)

I have no layouts to share today, having bought a new laptop, I need to install the software for my camera before I can upload piccies, but Ive done a couple of layouts, one for the Butterfly Crafts DT April challenge, which I cant share yet, but Ive also been playing with the gorgeous March kit from Sarah's Cards... yummy blooming retro papers from Prima.

I also managed to bag a couple of the bargain boxes before they all sold out again, & had a huge stash delivery on saturday when it all arrived. As usual the girls were desperate for me to "share" my new stash... not on your nelly girls!!!!

Tigs has been a little bit of a struggle lately... tantrums galore over the silliest of things..... get this, last night she had an enormous tantrum over missing the weather forecast. ??? I've warned her that if she is naughty this week she won't be coming on holiday, but will have to stay in the kennels with Chester, evil mother eh?

Hopefully some pics tomorrow, Happy Monday! x

Friday, 19 March 2010

Lots to post finally!

OK so this may be a long post....
I finally got round to uploading some photos I've taken recently.
It was world book say at school today so Mads & Tigs both dressed up as Mariposa Barbie (whoever she is... I really must keep up!)
These are the last couple of layouts I've done

this one was inspired by the latest prompt from the Shimelle class & I used up so much stash! Including the last few papers from february's kit from Sarah's cards.

Here are my Mothers' day cards & pictures from my babies. I cried when I read "my Mummy is pretty & kind" and "my Mummy is happy"...... isn't that just the nicest feeling?

check out the glasses on Maddy's pic & the co-ordinating lippy, bag & shoes in Tigs' she's a girl after my own heart!

Another LO using my fave papers ... lush Sassafrass..

Not as long a post as I thought... I'm tired!.........but long enough :)

Have a good weekend!
C xxx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring is on its way!

Finally it seems that winter is over & Spring is on its way... I love this time of the year when we have the summer to look forward to. Doors & windows open, the children can play in the garden & lots of barbeques & family days out etc.... yessss!!!!

Its been a long week, Mads & Tigs were off from school last weel with a nasty sickess bug, I don't think I've washed as many sheets & towels etc in a long time! Now would also definitely be a good time to replace our cream carpets with wooden flooring.... yuk!!!!

All better now though & back at school, unfortunately Tigs is still having unsettled sleep as she keeps waking in the night with a nosebleed. A trip to the docs today should hopefully start getting it sorted. It means that we're all really tired and in desperate need of a holiday... luckily we're off in just over two weeks - woop woop!!!

I can now share the LO I made for Butterfly crafts March challenge;

The written challenge is up on the blog here, there's a great prize up for grabs from scrapagogo.

I selected to use orange, turquoise, scallopped edges, butterflies, bling & pins from the list of "ingredients".

Ive been playing with the Shimelle prompts too this week & will have a couple more layouts to upload tomorrow. I've also almost used up all of the February kit form Sarah's Cards, just looking forward to getting the March one now, especially as I ordered some add-ons.

Oh and some good news (kind of!) my BIL is home from the states at the end of next month.... I feel a shopping spree on two peas on its way!!!!!....

Have a good day x

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Something out of nothing....

Well I'm almost up to date with all of the things that I had to do for DT challenges & layouts etc, still cant upload them as yet but watch this space!.....

So Ive now signed up to Shimelle's latest class - make something out of (almost) nothing. The first challenge is to blog why we have so much stash ... contrary to many others, I actually like the word stash! Its mine all mine and I really will NOT share it!

I think I have lots of stash that I bought when I first started scrapping that I really dont like anymore... the type of papers that I now look at & think urgh what am I going to use that for? This is dwindling now as the girls are starting to scrap and aren't nearly as fussy as me so they're happy to have some of my older patterned papers & die-cut shapes like shoes & handbags etc (really, what was I thinking?!!!)

Then I have what I call my lush stash - these are the patterned papers that I'm really frightened to cut into & the blooms & bling that I'm saving for even better fotos than those in the pile I have waiting to be scrapped. I'm really never going to be David Bailey, so the fotos aren't going to get that much better & if I didn't like the fotos, why have I printed them & put them in my "to scrap" pile?

So I have a huge drawer full of my favourite papers and boxes of bling & blooms that I just cant bear to use! I have sets of alphas that I dont want to use because a title might use up all of the "e"s for example & then I might not get another title form the set.

There ... thats honesty thats the secrets behind my stash, I may even upload a foto or two before the class starts, and so I am now going to organise my stash & tidy my craft space in readiness for the beginning of the classes tomorrow... anyone who wants to join in can  here ......

My next challenge to myself is to finish the last book in the Twilight saga that I started last night.... I am totally hooked on the books, despite not being something I would ever normally choose to read... I just decided to see what the fuss is all about & why they are so popular - they are fantastic!!!! Plus I have to admit to having the tiniest crush on Edward... not the Edward in the films, but the Edward in my imagination as I read the book before I watched Twilight.

Therein lies the struggle ... scrap or read? Well I think I shall tidy scrap stuff in prep for class prompts tomorrow & then read before bed!

Have a good evening x

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bad Blogger!!!

Okay so I know I'm a bad blogger as I haven't posted for ages but Ive been really busy working on projects that I can't share just yet.

This is just a quickie, check out the Prima site, they have a secret up their sleeve & a freebie giveaway; check it out here; here - looks exciting, and everyone knows I just love Prima LOL.

Where did February go? Its incredible that its March already, but the lovely thing is that we're starting to see the first little glimpses of Spring - being able to go out at lunchtime today without a coat was bliss!!!

Right off again now, I will post later when I have something interesting to share / say!

Claire x

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Fab Weekend!!!

Wow what a great weekend! I had a couple of days off with my girls & went to see the Princess & the Frog - a really funny great disney film!

Someone thinks I have a beautiful heart - aaaw thanks Virginia :)

On Saturday I went to a crop with my Mum & had a really good time, with some great company, I guess that includes you Mum ;)

Managed to put together most of my circle journal & do a layout with some beautiful graphic 45 papers its here:

Just loved using these papers, they're very easy to cut into & are lovely weight.

Then I had some fantastic news - that I'd been chose for the Butterfly Crafts Design Team, I'm delighted, flattered & really excited about the challenges ahead!

So, as I said a fantabulous weekend.... back to work tomorrow!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hope everyone got the cards, chocolates & flowers they were hoping for!

Mads & Tigs got a heart on a stick from "their boyfriend" Miller... they share a boyfriend at 4 !!!!

There may be trouble ahead.....

I've spent the last 3 nights finally cutting into my new stash, my latest LO is below:

Just loved doing this, Maddy was tickling my feet when I took these photos & they are just so natural & capture her sunny disposition... I guess this is why I scrap... to capture the tiny moments of my miracles' lives. & I don't just get to look at the fotos for five minutes, I get to create with them... & using papers & pens is just sooooo lovely!. Well, its monday tomorrow, short week for me as Ive taken holiday Thursday & Friday to enjoy half term with the girls.... bring on " the princess & the frog" !!!!

Have a good week everyone xxx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Is crying over a gift a good thing?!

Phew! MIL loved the album - fortunately the tears were happy ones not sad ones....
We all went out for a lovely greek meal and ate far too much... no change there then those of you who know me might say!

DH has "manflu" today and so my girls night out this evening may well need to be cancelled :(

My next target is to make DH an anniversary card and a valentine's day card (which are both the same day - think I could get away with one card like he usually does?!) Dare I cut into those scrummy prima papers that have just arrived? .... Hmmm I think not, not just yet!

I have two very tired little girls this week after a late night on Monday so they are having early nights which should, in theory, leave me lots of time to scrap - but I cant get motivated at the moment!!!!

I have 2 circle journals to finish as well as the cards to make, and all of my fotos taken since christmas to scrap, also have a LO to do for the 4 ways challenge for Scrapbook Magazine.... its a real tricky one too as the kits is nothing like my usual style, but pushing the boundaries is good I guess!

Will have a crack at the valentines card tonight & upload tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday! xxx

Monday, 8 February 2010

So little time so much to do!

Goodness me, January was a busy time & February is proving to be even busier!
I've been frantically working on an album for my MIL's 60th birthday - her birthday is today & its finally finished (at around 8pm last night!!!)
Once she has it I will upload some pics...

I'm feeling like an evil mother this morning, having subjected Mads & Tigs to typhoid & Hep A jabs in advance of our holiday to Egypt... hopefully it will all be forgotten by the time they come home from school!

I thought I would post a few older layouts today, now that Ive got the birthday album done I can get down to scrapping some of "my" stuff with the gorgeous papers & primas that BIL brought home for me fromt he States... watch this space!

This was taken of Mads on holiday in Spain - her sitting still is such a rarity it had to be scrapped!

I love this photo of Tigs & J - used the gorgeous November kit from Sarah's Cards

I'm out for a yummy Greek meal this evening - the girls are addicted to olives (strange I know!) so it  should go down well with them!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

January is nearly over!

Thank goodness its nearly the end of January - a crazy time at work for me, it seems to get worse every year! Hence the reason for lack of blog entries, working in the evenings to make sure it all gets done!

I finally finished my layouts with December kit from Sarah's cards and got round to scrapping a page of the girls all dolled up & ready to party.

This was Gary the first night we had the heavy snow!

Madison was desperate to get out & play & make a snow angel

This last LO is of my party girls!

The CHA sneek previews that I've seen look gorgeous, especially the Prima stuff, so have ordered lots of goodies from an American site! Lots and lots of Prima - yay!!!

I'm becoming a little concerned about Madison - she came home from school the other night & told me that she had kissed a boy called Josh at school. Of course Gary gave her the inevitable fatherly chat about not kissing boys, I was telling a friend this in the playground on Thursday & a lady overheard. She said "my son came home the other night & told me he'd had a kiss from Madison" when I said "oh you must be Josh's mum" , she said "No I'm Harry's mum" - how many other boys has she been kissing I wonder? It doesn't come from me I can assure you!

Have a good week & those of you who have tax returns to file, think about your accountant and get it done PLEASE !!!!

Oh one other thing to mention, I am becoming increasingly concerned that our boy guinea pigs may in fact be a boy and a girl...... watch this space....

Friday, 15 January 2010

Thank crunchie it's Friday!

This seems to have been such a long week, maybe because its my first week of working 5 days, I dont know, but I'm so glad the weekend is almost here.

My circle journal for UKS is finally completed & ready to go off on its travels around the country, I'm really excited about seeing what my teammates have done & looking forward to seeing mine completed in about 10 months time.

Just got a birthday album to put together now & then I'll be free to scrap whatever I want!

I'm hoping for some brighter weather this weekend to get out on the fresh air with the kids & Chester - at the moment ot just feels like we're either at work / school or locked in at home! Roll on summertime when we can have the doors & windows open & it isnt dark at 4.30 so you feel like its bedtime driving home from work.

Happy Weekend!!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Additions!

We have 2 new additions to the Ralph household - Bubble & Squeak, our new guinea pigs.
I hope they last longer than the hamster - the set up cost a fortune & they have the biggest cage ever! I'm sure its bigger than the dog's cage!

Here is Bubble with Tigs:

And here is Squeak with Mads:

Both very cute, but also a bit stinky - guess who gets to clean them out?!

Exciting week this week - we booked a holiday yay! We're off to the Holiday Village in the Red Sea. Well hopefully not actually IN the Red Sea, beside it would be nice :)

We go at Easter and I cant wait - I so need a holiday!

Finally my circle journal is nearly complete, just got a layout to do then its off on its travels around the country! havent done one before so its quite exciting. I'll post some pics of my CJ here once its complete.

Happy Tuesday ! x