Friday, 18 March 2011

Rocking My World on Friday

I too cant believe its Friday again already ... the week's gone past in such a blur, I need to dig around to think about whats rocked my week this week... here goes;

My friend Jo for being a great friend & the good laugh we had last Saturday & plan to have again this saturday taking the kids out;

Chris Moyles & Comedy Dave for making me laugh out loud when watching on the red button & for raising so much money for comic relief;

The celebs that trekked across the desert to raise money for comic relief & the documentary on it last night... I think I have a crush on Olly Murs...shame I'm old enough to be his mother!

The beautiful photographs that I have now ordered from Venture... they are stunning and made me sob when I saw them; here's a sneaky photo I took on my iPhone;

stunning eh?

And finally for the fact that I booked a holiday... woop woop! Devon here we come (well, in August anyway!)

Whats rocking your world today?

I havent kept up with my list as I would have liked to but here's whats going on in my head today:

LISTENING: To silence!
EATING: A cheese scone
WEARING: Trousers that are feeling a little too tight.... better put the scone down!
FEELING: Happy its nearly the weekend
WEATHER: Miserable... what happened to Spring?!
WANTING: Chocolate
NEEDING: To do some housework this weekend
THINKING: Nearly the weekend!!!
ENJOYING: Being creative, I'm doing so much scrapping lately!
WONDERING: if the weather will be nice enough for us to take the kids to the country park tomorrow

There, thats my 2 lists for today!!!

Lots of layouts to upload tomorrow!

Have a fab weekend everyone
Claire xxxx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Hello !

Yes I know I havent yet uploaded the rest of my LO's from the retreat & will do once I can get them onto this laptop, but for mow I have some others to share:

This is one using the new Sasafrass dear Elsie papers, love all the sweet colours in these papers!

A couple of close ups:

The next is using one of my big pile of unused Sarah's Cards kits, I'm now getting through these, although some of them are so lovely, I dont want to use them!!!

I finally got round to using the KaiserKraft papers from one of the monthly Sarah's cards kit. Love this photo of Tig :)

The quote at the top left hasnt photographed well but its lovely:

And finally one using the January Sarah's Cards kit;

More close ups;

Apologies about the hob in the background, I get the best light there!!

One more:

Pretty, pretty papers, want to make lots more with these.

So thats it for today! Hope everyone's having a good week.
Thanks for stopping by
Claire xx

Friday, 11 March 2011

Rocking my World

Well its been a strange week, having only worked 3 and a half days... I'm so grateful for the weekend break I had last week, its made me more able to deal with things as they come along. I can just take a deep breath & take it on the chin. So thankyou Mum & Dad for having the girls for the weekend, I love you both lots.

I'm grateful for the inspiration given at the retreat last weekend from the talented DT at Sarah's Cards, its kick-started my mojo & I just can't stop scrapping at the moment & what's more, I'm loving what I'm creating.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to make new friends, I met some of the loveliest and kindest people last weekend, not to mention some of the funniest. Only a true scrapbooker would grab their camera to take a photo of a bowl of tartare sauce....

Making pancakes with the children was a highlight ; they even managed to toss them (with a little help)... they were delicious too!

Its wonderful that it finally feels like Spring is on its way - Mads & Tigs wore their summer dresses to school today (albeit with vests underneath!) and were happy to do so :)

Finally I'm just grateful for everything that I have, life isn't always easy but having had a weekend away from the girls & the house last week, when I came back, I really appreciated all that I have.... I feel very, very blessed.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Claire xxx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Nearly Friday !!

Firstly a huge thankyou to Kirsteen for sorting my header for me, doesn't it look fab?!

Thank you Kirsteen!!

Now no more felt animal monstrosities to share today, Mads want a kangaroo next... ha ha watch this space!

I hope to post the rest of my retreat layouts this evening but for now;

LISTENING: To the traffic outside
EATING: nothing, tea time soon
WEARING: Black top & skirt
FEELING: tired..... I didnt stop after an hour & a half last night
WEATHER: Cloudy & windy
WANTING: to finish last nights LO
NEEDING: To sort huge pile of washing
THINKING: Nearly the weekend!!!
ENJOYING: Being single... I can do what I want when I want (kids permitting of course)

WONDERING: what to cook for tea tonight

Thanks for stopping by & have a good evening
Claire x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lots to share!

So as promised, I wanted to share some of my LO's from the wonderful Sarahs Cards retreat this weekend.

The first is from a class by Vanessa; I was horrified to hear that we had to punch holes in our photos...... HOLES IN PHOTOS!!!! I started to get very nervous about doing this, but actually its a fab technique that I have already used again, so thankyou Vanessa!!!

The colours were also a little out of my comfort zone as I tend to be a bit "pink" and rarely use primary colours, but I'm pleased with the end result & its so nice to try new things;

The Second class was Nat's and this really pushed me as I had to do lots of sewing (yes I really did sew!). I havent finished it yet so will blog it later once I have. However, it did involve making a cute little felt owl, which was bagged by my DD Tigs as soon as she saw it, as she is in Owl class at school. Mads then proceeded to have a huge tantrum as she wanted a hedgehog as she's in hedgehog class.

So I had a go and was told they had to be stuffed toys.... omg!!!

Tigs was over the moon with hers:

Mads however, looked at the sorry excuse for a hedgehog & said "oh well at least you tried Mummy"!!

Ha ha! you can see her point!!! THIS is why I do not sew!

On the Friday evening we could all participate in a sketch challenge and this is my effort:

(for some reason these havent photographed very well?)

Note that I actually used brand new stash that I bought from the shop; lush Sassafrass papers & blooms etc, very unlike me not to save & stroke!

On Sunday I was delighted to find out that the lovely DT voted me runner up!!! I won some gorgeous MME Lush goodies:

Thank you lovely ladies, I'm very flattered & very happy!!!

Next was a gorgeous class by Claire, using some of my favourite papers from Websters & misting, another of my faves :)

I just loved this class, the intricate cutting is soooo up my street!!!

Then we had a class with the lovely Liane which used some really pretty papers; Dear Lizzie from AC & some lovely paper lace, again it was different for me, I was desperate to distress more & ink!!!

Finally a LO of my own that I did during the cropping time on Saturday (in between several games of bingo; Tracy was the caller & had us all in stitches when she kept getting fits of the giggles!)

I stayed up till 3.15 finishing this & I wasnt the last to bed!!! Another of my purchases used here; more Sassafrass. I also used an Inkadinkadoo stamp & the little picket fence is a digi download from Websters that I think I will be using lots more of!

I'll blog the other LO's when I've finished the one from Nat's class later this week, but for now:

LISTENING: To the girls wriggling around in their beds & the dog snoring!
EATING: nothing, I ate far too much at lunchtime!
DRINKING: Aero hot chocolate mmmmm!
WEARING: Pink flowery PJ's
FEELING: chilled out
WEATHER: dark !!!
WANTING: to scrap but...
NEEDING: an early night & I know if I start a page I'll be up late!
THINKING: This post has taken ages!!!
ENJOYING: feeling comfy in my pj's
WONDERING: if I can just start a page & stop after an hour & a half? .....

Thanks for stopping by, Nanite all
Claire xxx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wish I could wind back a week!

I know I still havent sorted the fotos for the header!

Wow what a weekend I had at the Sarah's Cards retreat. The organisation behind the scenes & the classses were just fabulous, amazing goody bags, lush shop, & lovely, lovely people.

I haven't laughed so much in a long time and it was so nice to make new friends and meet people that I have spoken to online.

Very tempted to book for November!

I will upload some LO's once I've photographed them.

But for now:

listening - to nothing, its very quiet today
eating - a bag of salt & vinegar square crisps, yum!
drinking - coffee
wearing - black skirt & white blouse

feeling - a little tired from staying up too late to finish a LO
weather - sunny but cold
wanting - to be back on the retreat

needing - to put an enormous pile of washing away

thinking - I wish I was back on the retreat
enjoying - the sun coming through my window

wondering - how to get acrylic paint out of the carpet & Tiggy's hair

Yes my DD's decided last night to do some painting in the spare room & covered each other & the carpet in a multitude of colours of acrylic paint! This time last week I'd have lost the plot with them, but having had some "me" time this weekend, I can take a deep breath & close the bedroom door!!

Back later to upload some LO's :)

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!

Claire x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Hmmm is how I'm feeling today, this is a funny week for me for personal reasons which is why I didnt blog what was rocking my world last week bcause nothing is!!!!

Its a blip and it will be over soon but for now:

listening - Someone in the office upstairs being noisy on the telephone
eating - a chicken tikka slice - soooo many calories!
drinking - a cold cup of coffee
wearing - black skirt & red blouse
feeling - yuk! We all have a horrible cold!
weather - Freezing!!! This has to be the longest winter ever!!
wanting - it to be the weekend

needing - to clean out Squeak the guinea pig this evening
thinking - could Squeak's cage wait just one more day?
enjoying - the early nights Ive been having this week
wondering - what to cook for tea this evening

So there you go, just a quick post today, I will be back & I will be happier!!!
Have a fab day xxx