Wednesday, 27 January 2010

January is nearly over!

Thank goodness its nearly the end of January - a crazy time at work for me, it seems to get worse every year! Hence the reason for lack of blog entries, working in the evenings to make sure it all gets done!

I finally finished my layouts with December kit from Sarah's cards and got round to scrapping a page of the girls all dolled up & ready to party.

This was Gary the first night we had the heavy snow!

Madison was desperate to get out & play & make a snow angel

This last LO is of my party girls!

The CHA sneek previews that I've seen look gorgeous, especially the Prima stuff, so have ordered lots of goodies from an American site! Lots and lots of Prima - yay!!!

I'm becoming a little concerned about Madison - she came home from school the other night & told me that she had kissed a boy called Josh at school. Of course Gary gave her the inevitable fatherly chat about not kissing boys, I was telling a friend this in the playground on Thursday & a lady overheard. She said "my son came home the other night & told me he'd had a kiss from Madison" when I said "oh you must be Josh's mum" , she said "No I'm Harry's mum" - how many other boys has she been kissing I wonder? It doesn't come from me I can assure you!

Have a good week & those of you who have tax returns to file, think about your accountant and get it done PLEASE !!!!

Oh one other thing to mention, I am becoming increasingly concerned that our boy guinea pigs may in fact be a boy and a girl...... watch this space....

Friday, 15 January 2010

Thank crunchie it's Friday!

This seems to have been such a long week, maybe because its my first week of working 5 days, I dont know, but I'm so glad the weekend is almost here.

My circle journal for UKS is finally completed & ready to go off on its travels around the country, I'm really excited about seeing what my teammates have done & looking forward to seeing mine completed in about 10 months time.

Just got a birthday album to put together now & then I'll be free to scrap whatever I want!

I'm hoping for some brighter weather this weekend to get out on the fresh air with the kids & Chester - at the moment ot just feels like we're either at work / school or locked in at home! Roll on summertime when we can have the doors & windows open & it isnt dark at 4.30 so you feel like its bedtime driving home from work.

Happy Weekend!!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Additions!

We have 2 new additions to the Ralph household - Bubble & Squeak, our new guinea pigs.
I hope they last longer than the hamster - the set up cost a fortune & they have the biggest cage ever! I'm sure its bigger than the dog's cage!

Here is Bubble with Tigs:

And here is Squeak with Mads:

Both very cute, but also a bit stinky - guess who gets to clean them out?!

Exciting week this week - we booked a holiday yay! We're off to the Holiday Village in the Red Sea. Well hopefully not actually IN the Red Sea, beside it would be nice :)

We go at Easter and I cant wait - I so need a holiday!

Finally my circle journal is nearly complete, just got a layout to do then its off on its travels around the country! havent done one before so its quite exciting. I'll post some pics of my CJ here once its complete.

Happy Tuesday ! x

Friday, 8 January 2010

My first post!!!

Well I finally succumbed today & joined the land of bloggers! I'm not sure I'll have the energy or enthusiasm to keep it up, but will certainly give it a go for now.
I'm keeping everything crossed that we have no more snow this evening before we all get home safely, I couldn't bear another journey like the 3 hour one we had on Wednesday. Bring on the snow to pay in with the kids at the wekend, but let it all be gone by Monday morning I say!

Am  going to have a go at uploading a couple of layouts Ive done lately that I'm pleased with:

I love this photo of Tiegan. Had lots of fun cutting, inking & distressing the sassafras lass papers & stamping around the edges.

This is the next one:

I did this layout about the last Thursday I had off with the girls. They are now at school full time on a Thursday and so I'm now back to working full-time. Sad really, I will miss my day with them & having our girly time. I was taking the photo myself and we just kept giggling, some of the other shots are really funny of us pulling funny faces - they have to be scrapped!

Nearly the weekend - yay!