Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Too many things to do!

Why is it that despite the best will in the world, there is never enough time to get all the things done than you commit to?

I've been busy with projects for SBM & generally busy at home so have had NO time to get anything done for the UKS cyber crop this weekend. The pre-cro challenge needs to be submitted by Thursday and the Mystery kit challenge by friday - I havent done either yet! Thats without thinking about eh photos & supplies needed for the crop challenges - oh well I may not be scoring many points for my team this time!

Tigs has her appointment for her tonsillectomy next Thursday so things are a little anxious at home at the moment, she is a worrier at the best of times - this is obviously a very big thing for her.

We saw the paediatric nurse yesterday who explained all about the magic mask containing fairy dust & special butterfly that sticks onto her hand with a plaster.... poor little chicken :(

At least shee gets to eat lots of ice cream and of course I'll have to taste all of the flavours for her to make sure she will like them!

I am determined to get at least the MK challenge done tonight so watch this space....

Claire x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I am clearly a technophobe!

OK ao I thought I was fairly IT literate.... wrong!!!
I have recently purchased a new laptop & bought photoshop elements, thinking it would take my photography to dizzy new heights... I would finally be able to use all the frames & brushes that I have ... wrong! I just cannot get to grips with anythign other than basic editing... If I disappear for a few days; I have locked myself in a room to work this flaming thing out!!!

I have managed to uppload a couple of layouts I did with the lush March kit from Sarah's Cards;

Here's the first, its a layout about the girls learning to read & write, the journalling (in those cute little Jenni Bowlin letters) says "it seems only five minutes ago you were born, now you are learning to read & write" - I then got Tigs to write her name & age on the bottom

The second is about the girls living their life, being who they want to be & living it to the max!

Why is it that no matter how much you tidy & clean before you go on holiday, when you come home the house looks like a bomb (or twin 4 year olds) has hit it?

We have a busy week this week, Tigs has an appointment at the ENT consultant on Thursday about hving her tonsils removed :( she seems too tiny!

Then on Friday we are off to see Mama Mia - I can't wait - the girls have watched the film about 50 times & know all of the song lyrics so they should love the show - we plan to keep it a secret until we get there!

Well, that it for today... I WILL work out photoshop soon!
Claire x

Monday, 12 April 2010

Home Again

Oh well that week went sooooo quickly! We had a fabby time in Sharm, the weather was lush, hotel was lovely, I ate too much & drank too much & now definitely need to start a "healthy eating plan" Hmm I'm sure my jeans were looser on the outbound flight than on the way home ....

We took advantage of the hotel laundry service & stuffed a sack full with washing before we left - it all came back beautifully clean & ironed for £20, they must have shrunk those jeans though.....

I took some gorgeous photos of the girls and the scenery etc so loads of scrapping material, I've decided to make a mini-album of the holiday but am going to print off all of the decent photos to put in it even if they dont all get scrapped I will use them somehow so watch this space!

I have some layouts to upload this evening so will post again either later or tomorrow.

Oh and the bookmarks I received in the swap on UKS were stunning :)

Have a good week xxx