Friday, 10 August 2012

I am still here!!!!

Crumbs its been a long time. I haven't blogged or posted on any forums in a don't know how long!

I am still here live & kicking and happy and well.

Life is good if not a little hectic, I have been creating; creating memories by having a fun time with family and friends & recording it all in my project life, but also creating some layouts, most of which I have yet to photograph.

So here's a few shots of what life has had in store for us since I last blogged:

My baby girls are growing up so fast - these photos were taken on their last day of infant school. I can't really believe that they will be in junior school next year!!

We invested in some fish:

Okay, however I try to do this the foto is flipped to the right - Hmm luckily the tank isnt actually sidewards!! Just as well otherwise our our little newcomers would have something to play with!

Meet Jessie J & Becks:

Cute little girls - birthday presents for my other cute little girls!! They are the sweetest little kittens and follw the girls everywhere!

We have been on holiday to the south of france:

This was me trying to re-enact Kate Winslet - Jack I can fly!

Totally chilled out holiday, self catering in a huge caravan meant no rushing for breakfast, dinner etc - we spent the fortninght lounging around, reading, swimming & generally eating & drinking far too much cheese & wine !

As I said the girls left infant school so we made their teachers some thankyou cards;

And finally here's one of the layouts that I have got round to photographing;

Tigs tells me she loves me "for ether & ether, until ages" - still getting her v's and th's muddled - bless!

So a quick post & I will be back with some layouts and project life shares

Happy Friday!
Claire x