Thursday, 20 October 2011

Long time no blog.............

Wow its been ages.... I haven't blogged, haven't scrapped or been on any online forums for soooo long.

Its for good reasons though mostly, life has kind of taken over again & the girls and I are happy and settled in our "new" life. We've finally moved on & put the past behind us & been able to forget all the horrible things that the last year threw at us. The past rears its ugly head now & then but we are able to stamp on it when it does!!

So I've now started to get back into my scrapping, I've done a few layouts & am halfway through a minibook about our holiday... so I will post some pictures later this week, but I thought I would summarise the last few months with some iPhone photos;

Tiegan in her high heeled boots; she really is a diva in the making!!

The girls on the way to our holiday.... are we nearly there yet?!!!

 Oh dear Tigs had an accident running around with a yoghurt drink in her hand.... oops!

 Maddy joined a football team, team shot after the first match - yes she is the only girl!!!

 I got my tattoo done finally ! Ouch - 4 hours of hurt!

 I celebrated 5 months with my Mr M - he buys me my favourite pink roses every month to celebrate ... sweet eh?!
 I took the girls to see their first pop concert; Katy Perry at the o2;

So its been a busy few months, yes I plan to try to blog more, and now things are settled I plan to craft more.... here I face a dilemma; do I leave my craft things upstairs in the spare room... this means I dont so as much as I am there on my own while Mr M & the girls are downstairs.... or do I move it all into the corner of the dining room which will mean I do a lot more, but will then be moaning that the hosue looks untidy?!!! hmmm!

Thanks for dropping by, have a fab day xxxx