Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Is crying over a gift a good thing?!

Phew! MIL loved the album - fortunately the tears were happy ones not sad ones....
We all went out for a lovely greek meal and ate far too much... no change there then those of you who know me might say!

DH has "manflu" today and so my girls night out this evening may well need to be cancelled :(

My next target is to make DH an anniversary card and a valentine's day card (which are both the same day - think I could get away with one card like he usually does?!) Dare I cut into those scrummy prima papers that have just arrived? .... Hmmm I think not, not just yet!

I have two very tired little girls this week after a late night on Monday so they are having early nights which should, in theory, leave me lots of time to scrap - but I cant get motivated at the moment!!!!

I have 2 circle journals to finish as well as the cards to make, and all of my fotos taken since christmas to scrap, also have a LO to do for the 4 ways challenge for Scrapbook Magazine.... its a real tricky one too as the kits is nothing like my usual style, but pushing the boundaries is good I guess!

Will have a crack at the valentines card tonight & upload tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday! xxx

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  1. Claire your list of things to do hun are almost as long as mine - I'm trying to fathom out where i'm going to find the time!