Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I am clearly a technophobe!

OK ao I thought I was fairly IT literate.... wrong!!!
I have recently purchased a new laptop & bought photoshop elements, thinking it would take my photography to dizzy new heights... I would finally be able to use all the frames & brushes that I have ... wrong! I just cannot get to grips with anythign other than basic editing... If I disappear for a few days; I have locked myself in a room to work this flaming thing out!!!

I have managed to uppload a couple of layouts I did with the lush March kit from Sarah's Cards;

Here's the first, its a layout about the girls learning to read & write, the journalling (in those cute little Jenni Bowlin letters) says "it seems only five minutes ago you were born, now you are learning to read & write" - I then got Tigs to write her name & age on the bottom

The second is about the girls living their life, being who they want to be & living it to the max!

Why is it that no matter how much you tidy & clean before you go on holiday, when you come home the house looks like a bomb (or twin 4 year olds) has hit it?

We have a busy week this week, Tigs has an appointment at the ENT consultant on Thursday about hving her tonsils removed :( she seems too tiny!

Then on Friday we are off to see Mama Mia - I can't wait - the girls have watched the film about 50 times & know all of the song lyrics so they should love the show - we plan to keep it a secret until we get there!

Well, that it for today... I WILL work out photoshop soon!
Claire x

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  1. I've never managed to get to grips with using PSE for digi scrapping either. I keep saying I will put in the time to learn, but the lure of paper, paint and glue is too much!