Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Too many things to do!

Why is it that despite the best will in the world, there is never enough time to get all the things done than you commit to?

I've been busy with projects for SBM & generally busy at home so have had NO time to get anything done for the UKS cyber crop this weekend. The pre-cro challenge needs to be submitted by Thursday and the Mystery kit challenge by friday - I havent done either yet! Thats without thinking about eh photos & supplies needed for the crop challenges - oh well I may not be scoring many points for my team this time!

Tigs has her appointment for her tonsillectomy next Thursday so things are a little anxious at home at the moment, she is a worrier at the best of times - this is obviously a very big thing for her.

We saw the paediatric nurse yesterday who explained all about the magic mask containing fairy dust & special butterfly that sticks onto her hand with a plaster.... poor little chicken :(

At least shee gets to eat lots of ice cream and of course I'll have to taste all of the flavours for her to make sure she will like them!

I am determined to get at least the MK challenge done tonight so watch this space....

Claire x

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  1. Oh Claire it's so difficult to deal with when you know you've got a little one due into hospital but you know how much in the long term she will benefit because she won't be getting what I assume are some pretty awful bouts of tonsilitus! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that your time is filled with busy positive crafting things between now and then! You sound mighty busy I haven't even signed up for this cyber crop I just don't think I;ll have time to do any - although I could do with some serious crafting time because I've had a difficult week! Mmm me thinks I may wander and have a look if i get chance just on the off chance (well you never know).