Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Its been a while....

I have my reasons for not blogging for a while.... my life is chaos!!!!

I seem to get myself involved in rpojects that are just bigger than I anticipated them to be!

Currently in hand is "Project Independence" - this is basically me proving to myself that I can do things myself - er like decorate the entire house?!!!!

I have wooden flooring being laid at the end of next week and so I have to get the painting finished beforehand. 2 rooms done, 2 to go.....

On top of this I have several projects for SBM to get finished before a deadline

PLUS (!!!) its Madison & Tiegan's brothday on Sunday & so I have a party to prepare for. I was planning on a 50% invite acceptance rate.... BIG mistake! 8 children have declined out of almost 50, lots of party bags to make up tonight!

I havent any LO's to share as yet although I will do soon, watch this space!

Workd cup fever has struck in our house, the girls aren't totally understanding the concept though as they keep asking when Man Utd are playing...

Here they are dressed up in anticipation of the first game:

They then decided that the England dresses and deely boppers weren't enough and so Mummy's facepainting skills were called for:

Tiegan seems totally over her tonsil op now, she even ate toast for breakfast this week, which she's avoided for a fortnight, getting her back to school seemed to help her get over it quicker. She no longer has her husky little voice but has gone all squeaky! She got to bring home Mr Panda last week for being such a good girl in class!

Thats all for now, hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather!
Claire xxx

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  1. Glad Tiegan has recovered, and wow, you do sound busy.