Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh the stress!!!!

I really cannot wait until this week is over.... project independence is almost complete "ish"....

the party almost didnt happen on |Saturday when the keyholder of the hall decided to go to Herne Bay for the day - with the key!

Fortunately one of the mums arriving with the children knew the caretaker of the Scout Hut so we shipped everyone (including the disco) there & started a bit later than planned. I was so glad when it was all over but the girls had a wonderful time, they also enjoyed opening the mountain of presents! 

This is a photo of the mountain once they'd opened them all, needless to say they then got another huge pile the next day from me!

For their actual birthday I treated them to an ice cream sundae :)

Little monkeys! Still no work to share, but will do very soon :) If I ever get time to scrap for me again!

Enjoy the sunshine! Claire xxx


  1. Hi Claire,
    It looks like the girls had a blast and they look cute in their little dresses.
    Good Luck with Project Independence.
    Ju xx

  2. Project Independence is a tough one - I have been there - but it will work out in the end for you. Looks like the girls had a great birthday

    Suzy x

  3. Good luck with Project Independence Claire, you are doing brillantly!!! omgosh the girls look gorgeous in their matching dresses. The sundaes look yummy - I hope you treated yourself to one too. Kxx