Wednesday, 7 July 2010

at last!

At last I have had some scrapping time after my efforts over the last month! I managed one whole layout last night!

This is one of my favourite photos of Maddy, although I cant take the credit for taking it, thanks Mum!
I used the lush May kit from Sarah's cards containing the absolutely beautiful Roadshow papers, I HAVE to get some more of these, just love them;

One thing I'm not happy is that the title looks like it says "my own beauty" !!! the "little" in tiny alphas doesn't really show!

And now a moment to show off what I've been working so hard on for the last month:

Here are a few shots of what I've achieved !

This is one of the "before" shots that I took not a great pic of the girls but check out the magnolia!!!

And here is my new hall:

And my new dining room:

and my lovely lounge! Just waiting for new settee to come tomorrow now!

I'm so proud that I did this!! Silly I know but really important to me ... now I have to clear the garden of carpets, rubbish & cut the grass that's fast becoming a jungle!!!

Finally a gorgeous pic of Tiggy (silly how I feel guilty if I only post a pic of one of my girls!)

This one is crying out to be scrapped..... watch this space!

Thanks for looking, have a great weekend everyone

Claire xxxx


  1. looks brill love well done. :) and you'll always know YOU did it. Be proud. I know how you feel, I did my whole house alone too. :) Felt great.

  2. WOW! well done you, I love the red it looks great!

  3. Gemma - wish you'd told me that before hun you could have given me a hand ! :) xxx

  4. Wow!! It all looks gorgeous Claire - well done!! To all the women who independent ;0)

  5. Well done you are one super woman and a fabulous mum, everything looks gorgeous and that shade of red is stunning xxxx and mega hugs, be very proud of yourself! you deserve to be xxxx

  6. That colour scheme looks stunning. Well done you

  7. Fabulous makeover!!! Big glass of bubbles earnt there!!! x

  8. Wow, what a lot of decorating and how wonderful it all looks.

  9. Your house looks amazing.
    Congratulations you to doing all that work. Its not easy especially with kids around! I does truly look fantastic though :)