Friday, 18 February 2011

Two In One Week?

Well I certainly seem to have the blog buzz back again... 2 posts in a week?!

I love reading Virginia's Blog - celtic house, the idea of whats Rocking your world is so fab & her blog always makes me smile, so hoping she wont mind, I shall say whats rocking my world today...

Family; I am incredibly close to my brother and Mum and couldn't have managed the past ten months or so without them, they have been constantly supportive, patient when I feel like a good cry over the phone & generally always there.

My baby girls; although no longer babies at 5 and a half, my whole world revolves around them, always has and always will

First birthday pics

We've all changed a little bit!

I love the fact that we now have the weekend ahead of us & I will hopefully have some scrapping time!!!

Even better is that I have a babysitter on saturday and so am very excited about going for a chinese & then to the cinema - must not let that guilt creep in!!

Loving the layout that I finished this week of 2 special people, Ive been scared to scrap it incase I couldnt do it justice... sorry dont have pics on this laptop - hey I might actually post twice in one day!!!

Im also excited that its not quite as dark as it has been when I leave work in the evenings which means that although it's still cold, spring is definitely on its way!!!

Ok so bring on the weekend! Thanks for stopping by & hope you have a lovely weekend xxx


  1. Oh Claire - how lovely that you joined in Rocking Your World Friday - loving your list! Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your trip to the cinema - do not feel guilty! We all need a little 'me' time!


  2. Welcome Claire! Love your list - you have two beautiful girls there.
    Enjoy your weekend and don't feel guilty for having "me time" - we all need it.
    Hugs xx

  3. Hello fellow Rocker!

    Enjoy your saturday night - what a treat! You have 2 such beautiful girls, they look identical, are they?

    I put the coming of Spring as one of my good things too, great minds think alike!


  4. Yay, welcome Claire! Rocking is so great because even when you are feeling poopy it makes you search out that bit of good stuff.

    Don't feel guilty about the cinema - am extremely jealous, particularly if you are off to see The Kings Speech or that new Anthony Hopkins film!

    Your girls are gorgeous!

  5. I became a follower today as I like your style. Your posts are fun to read. Lover your header. You have two little heart breakers. They look so sweet. Thanks for sharing your list and what rocks your world. Happy crafting