Thursday, 24 February 2011


Yes I am playing around with the layout of my blog... I need to figure out how to add photos into the header, if anyone has any tips they would be most welcome!!!

One of my favourite days of the week, I work a half day on a Thursday and its nearly the weekend...

Mads & Tigs have been full of excitement this week as they went to the Natural Hostory Museum on Tuesday with kids club, the fact they had so much fun makes me feel much less guilty for not being with them over the half term...

A layout to share...

One of the layouts I did for SBM article this month on making your own paper lace. Love these Hampton Court Cupcake papers, lovely soft muted colours.

Ok so I decided to join a few other bloggers in recording whats going on, doubt I'll be able to do this daily but here goes...

listening - to traffic outside
eating - nothing!! am sooooo hungry, silly not to have had breakfast
drinking - my 3rd coffee of the day
wearing - leggings, top & boots
feeling - tired
weather - overcast
wanting - it to be the weekend
needing - to do dome housework, the house is a tip!
thinking - this year is flying past
enjoying - the Plan B album downloaded this week
wondering - whether to go & buy these shoes later today.......

Not sure I have the willpower to resist!!!

Have a good day xxx


  1. Fabulous shoes and a gorgeous LO! Let us know if you do buy them!lol
    Hugs xx

  2. OMG!! those shoes are gorgeous!! Buy, buy, buy (I'm a size 3 btw) ;p P.S. You need photo editing software to add the photos. If you email 3 photos to me I can do this for you chick xx