Monday, 11 July 2011

About time....

Another long  gap inbetween posts.... life has been crazily hectic! My baby girls turned 6! Where has that time gone? Plus the never ending birthday parties & things going on at weekends has meant I've had no time to scrap or blog, or actually do anything!!!

I will upload a couple of LO's later, but for now I wanted to share a cute pic & their friend ready to go the the ugly bug ball at school .... how cute are they?!!

I seem to be having trouble with blogger lately, I am unable to comment as me on other blogs, I come up as anonymous! Very frustrating!!!

Hope to post more later, have a fab week! xxx

1 comment:

  1. Hi Claire great to see you back! To stop being anonymous you have to log in and uncheck the box 'keep me signed in'. (I have got to do this with your blog right now! For some unknown reason you can then comment as yourself! Fun picture! Jill x