Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Hmmm is how I'm feeling today, this is a funny week for me for personal reasons which is why I didnt blog what was rocking my world last week bcause nothing is!!!!

Its a blip and it will be over soon but for now:

listening - Someone in the office upstairs being noisy on the telephone
eating - a chicken tikka slice - soooo many calories!
drinking - a cold cup of coffee
wearing - black skirt & red blouse
feeling - yuk! We all have a horrible cold!
weather - Freezing!!! This has to be the longest winter ever!!
wanting - it to be the weekend

needing - to clean out Squeak the guinea pig this evening
thinking - could Squeak's cage wait just one more day?
enjoying - the early nights Ive been having this week
wondering - what to cook for tea this evening

So there you go, just a quick post today, I will be back & I will be happier!!!
Have a fab day xxx

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  1. Sending you hugs at a difficult time hun - thinking of you!