Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Additions!

We have 2 new additions to the Ralph household - Bubble & Squeak, our new guinea pigs.
I hope they last longer than the hamster - the set up cost a fortune & they have the biggest cage ever! I'm sure its bigger than the dog's cage!

Here is Bubble with Tigs:

And here is Squeak with Mads:

Both very cute, but also a bit stinky - guess who gets to clean them out?!

Exciting week this week - we booked a holiday yay! We're off to the Holiday Village in the Red Sea. Well hopefully not actually IN the Red Sea, beside it would be nice :)

We go at Easter and I cant wait - I so need a holiday!

Finally my circle journal is nearly complete, just got a layout to do then its off on its travels around the country! havent done one before so its quite exciting. I'll post some pics of my CJ here once its complete.

Happy Tuesday ! x


  1. Lovely pic's of the girls but what's a circle journal?

  2. Hiya Laura,

    its a Round Robin where a team of tem people set up an albulm with their own theme, we post them around the country adding a layout to each others journal so when we get them back we have an albulm with layouts from each member of the team!

  3. Hi Claire
    Love the LOs and pics. When I work out what's wrong with my pooter I shall "follow that blog"

  4. PS. Can you spare some room in your suitcase for me?!

  5. Nooooo - I'm going on holiday to get away from you!!!!

  6. HI ya I was just looking for some help via google on my big bite that I bought and can not get the small eyelets to set at all! and found your blog and this post! I keep guinea-pigs too! I have 6 lol yours look way cute! :0)