Wednesday, 27 January 2010

January is nearly over!

Thank goodness its nearly the end of January - a crazy time at work for me, it seems to get worse every year! Hence the reason for lack of blog entries, working in the evenings to make sure it all gets done!

I finally finished my layouts with December kit from Sarah's cards and got round to scrapping a page of the girls all dolled up & ready to party.

This was Gary the first night we had the heavy snow!

Madison was desperate to get out & play & make a snow angel

This last LO is of my party girls!

The CHA sneek previews that I've seen look gorgeous, especially the Prima stuff, so have ordered lots of goodies from an American site! Lots and lots of Prima - yay!!!

I'm becoming a little concerned about Madison - she came home from school the other night & told me that she had kissed a boy called Josh at school. Of course Gary gave her the inevitable fatherly chat about not kissing boys, I was telling a friend this in the playground on Thursday & a lady overheard. She said "my son came home the other night & told me he'd had a kiss from Madison" when I said "oh you must be Josh's mum" , she said "No I'm Harry's mum" - how many other boys has she been kissing I wonder? It doesn't come from me I can assure you!

Have a good week & those of you who have tax returns to file, think about your accountant and get it done PLEASE !!!!

Oh one other thing to mention, I am becoming increasingly concerned that our boy guinea pigs may in fact be a boy and a girl...... watch this space....


  1. Baby GP's will be cute!

    Those LO are lovely, and I was rather taken with the Prima peeks as well.

  2. Hi Claire

    Come along for a blop this afternoon, thank you for your lovely comments on UK Scrappers about my blog, labour of love aren't they - but highly addictive - something resembling an online diary. I'm not an Accountant but an accounting technician but can so feel where you're at - I have the same problem when it comes to year end LOL

    Loving the layouts absolutely gorgeous, giggled at the kisses comment, my little lad came home last year and my sister text to tell me about him having a girlfriend that he was apparently going to marry - mind you I should talk got caught canoodling with a boy when I was four - soon grew out of that thought honest LOL!