Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Something out of nothing....

Well I'm almost up to date with all of the things that I had to do for DT challenges & layouts etc, still cant upload them as yet but watch this space!.....

So Ive now signed up to Shimelle's latest class - make something out of (almost) nothing. The first challenge is to blog why we have so much stash ... contrary to many others, I actually like the word stash! Its mine all mine and I really will NOT share it!

I think I have lots of stash that I bought when I first started scrapping that I really dont like anymore... the type of papers that I now look at & think urgh what am I going to use that for? This is dwindling now as the girls are starting to scrap and aren't nearly as fussy as me so they're happy to have some of my older patterned papers & die-cut shapes like shoes & handbags etc (really, what was I thinking?!!!)

Then I have what I call my lush stash - these are the patterned papers that I'm really frightened to cut into & the blooms & bling that I'm saving for even better fotos than those in the pile I have waiting to be scrapped. I'm really never going to be David Bailey, so the fotos aren't going to get that much better & if I didn't like the fotos, why have I printed them & put them in my "to scrap" pile?

So I have a huge drawer full of my favourite papers and boxes of bling & blooms that I just cant bear to use! I have sets of alphas that I dont want to use because a title might use up all of the "e"s for example & then I might not get another title form the set.

There ... thats honesty thats the secrets behind my stash, I may even upload a foto or two before the class starts, and so I am now going to organise my stash & tidy my craft space in readiness for the beginning of the classes tomorrow... anyone who wants to join in can  here ......

My next challenge to myself is to finish the last book in the Twilight saga that I started last night.... I am totally hooked on the books, despite not being something I would ever normally choose to read... I just decided to see what the fuss is all about & why they are so popular - they are fantastic!!!! Plus I have to admit to having the tiniest crush on Edward... not the Edward in the films, but the Edward in my imagination as I read the book before I watched Twilight.

Therein lies the struggle ... scrap or read? Well I think I shall tidy scrap stuff in prep for class prompts tomorrow & then read before bed!

Have a good evening x

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  1. I suggest both - scrap and read - it's the only way! I've so many 'classes' and challenges I'm on with at the moment I really daren't start another one but it will be lovely to hear what you're doing on Shimelle's class - I hope you enjoy it! I've been on a stash diet for a while - just picking up essentials like DST - I also got over the favourite pieces of paper bit some time ago - once I'd cut up my 'Once upon a Time' papers I knew I was cured!

    Hope you are having a great day