Friday, 18 March 2011

Rocking My World on Friday

I too cant believe its Friday again already ... the week's gone past in such a blur, I need to dig around to think about whats rocked my week this week... here goes;

My friend Jo for being a great friend & the good laugh we had last Saturday & plan to have again this saturday taking the kids out;

Chris Moyles & Comedy Dave for making me laugh out loud when watching on the red button & for raising so much money for comic relief;

The celebs that trekked across the desert to raise money for comic relief & the documentary on it last night... I think I have a crush on Olly Murs...shame I'm old enough to be his mother!

The beautiful photographs that I have now ordered from Venture... they are stunning and made me sob when I saw them; here's a sneaky photo I took on my iPhone;

stunning eh?

And finally for the fact that I booked a holiday... woop woop! Devon here we come (well, in August anyway!)

Whats rocking your world today?

I havent kept up with my list as I would have liked to but here's whats going on in my head today:

LISTENING: To silence!
EATING: A cheese scone
WEARING: Trousers that are feeling a little too tight.... better put the scone down!
FEELING: Happy its nearly the weekend
WEATHER: Miserable... what happened to Spring?!
WANTING: Chocolate
NEEDING: To do some housework this weekend
THINKING: Nearly the weekend!!!
ENJOYING: Being creative, I'm doing so much scrapping lately!
WONDERING: if the weather will be nice enough for us to take the kids to the country park tomorrow

There, thats my 2 lists for today!!!

Lots of layouts to upload tomorrow!

Have a fab weekend everyone
Claire xxxx


  1. What a gorgeous photo Claire, can't wait to see more of them! Where are you going in Devon? Anywhere near me? Jill x

  2. Oh no - I missed the documentary about the desert walk! Damnation!

    That photo is stunning I agree.

  3. Hi Claire - GORGEOUS photo, such a fun happy image!

    I love Olly too (and yes, I'm just about old enough to be his mother too!) - I've got his cd in the player in the car.

    Devon is beautiful, one of my favourite places. How lovely to have the holiday to look forward to.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. Lovely list, will have to catch up on the desert walk - I too missed it! The photos look gorgeous can't wait to see more.

    Glad you've booked yourself a break -something to look forward to! Also loving your other list - giggled at the eating scone and waistband comment!

    Hugs hun have a fabulous and blessed weekend.